February 5, 2024 Ilaria Blasi

Fostering Creativity and Empowerment: LIVINC’s Journey to Meaningful Youth Participation

Co-authored by: Ilaria Blasi, Majina Mwasezi, Sanad Jawabreh

LIVINC, committed to nurturing, producing, and showcasing Jordan’s creative talents globally, defines Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) as a fundamental element of its vision. With a focus on education, personal growth, and market integration, LIVINC stands as a creative community incubator, on a mission to equip young individuals with distinctive life and professional skills. In this case study, we explore how LIVINC’s dedication to Meaningful Youth Participation unfolds through practical initiatives, fostering a culture of dialogue, constructive communication, and innovation within the company and beyond. 

Responding to Youth Aspirations 

LIVINC effectively realizes Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) by implementing the Academy, Incubator, and Marketplace (AIM) business model. This comprehensive approach acknowledges the significance of education, personal growth, and market integration in fostering youth aspirations. 

The AIM model works as a catalyst for youth development as it offers mentorship and pathways to (self) employment, particularly in the creative, digital, and ICT sectors. This transformative approach is especially beneficial for youth and women, enabling them to enhance their skills in developing and profitable sectors, and ensuring that their products or services gain both local and international market exposure. 

To translate this model into daily practices, LIVINC begins by actively engaging with youth through meetings, focus groups, and community events, allowing the organization to grasp the specific needs and desires of the community and ensuring that the solutions developed align with the unique aspirations of the youth. Additionally, the organisation makes sure to create a collaborative environment through participatory workshops and co-creation sessions, encouraging young individuals to contribute with their ideas and perspectives. 

To advance the Academy and Incubation dimensions, the organization implements mentorship programs, pairing young creatives with experienced individuals who provide guidance and support throughout the development process and fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment within the community. Overall, LIVINC’s approach is centered on inclusivity, skill enhancement, and market integration, elements that pave the way for meaningful youth participation and success. 


MYP Practice Standards: how does LIVINC do it? 

  • Building Positive Environments   

LIVINC actively builds positive and collaborative environments by establishing clear expectations of participation and acknowledging the contributions of youth aloud. Recognizing the transformative potential of collective creativity, they actively foster a culture of innovation through regular team ideation sessions. In case of communication and confidence barriers with new youth members, their strategy involves rotating responsibilities of moderating team meetings, focusing on the equal inclusion of all team members. Furthermore, LivinC encourages youth to voice out their unique ideas, emphasizing the value of diverse perspectives, creative solutions, innovative thinking, and localised approaches – in particular in digital marketing, content creation and event design. This approach not only ensured equal participation but also cultivates a sense of shared ownership among team members.  

  • Accountability & Transparency 

LIVINC engages in open communication with its community, seeking feedback and addressing concerns promptly. Through dedicated team channels on Discord, or “LivinC Community” WhatsApp groups, the organisation put in place transparent and easily accessible tools that foster an environment of trust and collaboration. From planning community events to initiatives to support community members and updates on organisational guidelines, youth have at their disposal direct channels where they can share their feedback and opinions freely.  

  • Safe Participation 

LIVINC prioritizes safe participation by implementing clear guidelines and codes of conduct for all community members. Regular safety assessments for the facilities and feedback mechanisms ensure continuous improvement in creating a secure space for all participants. 

  • Inclusivity & Respect 

At LIVINC, growth and excellence can only be attained if every single member respects each other’s diversity of opinions, beliefs, thoughts, skills and – as importantly – time and effort. Their flat structure with cross-functional responsibilities, allows different youth to alternate in taking on leadership roles in projects or discussions. This ensures to bring about a diverse range of perspectives and minimizes the chance for a single dominant group to overshadow youth’s ideas. 

  • Mindful Resourcing 

LIVINC demonstrates their commitment to being a youth-centred organization not only in their strategy and approach, laid out during bi-annual internal reflection sessions on MYP, but also by dedicating intangible (time) and tangible resources (budget) to include youth in day-to day operations. Budgets are allocated for youth participation in events, projects, and program development, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership. Through these initiatives, LivinC invests in the personal and creative growth of young individuals, empowering them to make sustainable and meaningful contributions to society. 

  • Quality & Supportive Participation 

LIVINC fosters quality and supportive youth participation through personalized support structures, ensuring tailored guidance for individuals in their creative endeavours. This allows the organization to actively encourage open communication and a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued.

The Impact of MYP on LIVINC’s Business Success 

Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) has a significant impact on the success and internal culture of LIVINC, as it fosters dynamic and fruitful exchanges and contributes to the formation of an innovative community. The active involvement of young individuals in decision-making processes, creative initiatives, and community development enhances the organization’s ability to stay relevant and responsive to evolving needs. MYP contributes to a vibrant and inclusive environment, ensuring that all programs and solutions resonate with the aspirations and perspectives of youth. MYP is a cornerstone of LIVINC’s success through its AIM model, driving engagement, creativity, and sustainability within the community. 

MYP in Practice: Challenges Overcome 

One of the main challenges LIVINC faced in the implementation of Meaningful Youth Participation was overcoming initial scepticism from those more accustomed to the stability of traditional employment models. Many youths had reservations about the innovative self-employment narrative that LIVINC is reshaping within the creative sector, as they were more familiar and comfortable with the reliability associated with corporate job structures. This required concerted efforts to build trust within the community. 

To foster collaboration, LIVINC encouraged young individuals to act as partners, investing their time and resources to align with LIVINC’s vision. The goal was to establish a relationship that provided both valuable experience and financial rewards, thereby offering a balance similar to traditional employment stability. 

Navigating diverse aspirations and interests involved careful consideration to ensure inclusivity. Creating effective channels for communication and participation demanded continuous adjustments to meet the evolving needs of the youth community. This adaptability extended to developing various models for partnering with LIVINC in events, workshops, and consultancy projects.  

The key to overcome these challenges was open dialogue, tailored mentorship, and adaptable program structures, initiatives that aimed, not only, to address hurdles associated with involving youth but also to celebrate the positive synergy that arises when diverse talents collaborate towards shared goals. The result has been a vibrant community where the creativity and dynamism of young individuals contribute to meaningful impact and lasting connections

Lessons Learned 

LIVINC has learned valuable lessons in youth participation and business engagement, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and continuous adaptation to evolving youth needs. The organization recognizes the significance of genuine collaboration, actively seeking and incorporating feedback from the youth community. By valuing diverse perspectives and fostering a culture of innovation, LIVINC is not only enhancing its current programs but also contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic future. The lessons learned are now actively shaping LIVINC’s approach to youth involvement, ensuring that the organization remains agile and responsive, ultimately contributing to a positive and transformative impact on the future of youth engagement and entrepreneurship. 


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