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IDEO Factory

With our consortium partner Majorel Africa, we aim to offer young people the opportunity to improve their skills in specific and transversal areas. Our multimodal program combines the benefits of onsite training with the efficiency and innovation of online training. Participants will benefit from a rich, diversified and high-impact intensive training. Majorel Africa is a pioneer and leader in customer relations and BPO on the African continent, as a fast-growing, structured, modern and innovative multinational. While IDEO Factory is a leader in digital training in Morocco, developing a multitude of online training programs which target youth for onboarding projects.

The Problem

The Moroccan labour market faces many challenges such as low job creation, a lack of inclusion in the workforce, a mismatch of skills and poor quality of jobs. Most youth struggle to use office automation applications, with many lacking the ICT skills necessary to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. Furthermore, the demand for language requirements in English and French adds additional pressure when adapting to a professional context where youth must evolve to be strong team players within a company rapidly. When applying for jobs, young people also face the following barriers:

  • Lack of support for job interviews which can be intimidating and stressful
  • Job hunting with outdated offers or vague descriptions
  • Lack of feedback from most employers regarding performance
  • Job positioning does not match expectations
  • Experience requirements demanding more than many youths can provide
  • Lack of sufficient onboarding programs

The Solution

Our solution is based on 4 phases relating to sourcing, matching, training and onboarding. By doing so, we ensure longevity in our youth employment program by equipping young candidates with professional skills to develop a more confident and work-oriented youth.

1st phase: Sourcing With NOVOJOB and Talenteo                                                                           We offer a Jobboard with a continental dimension and recruitment management software (Applicant Tracking System or ATS) with the aim of connecting talents and companies in Africa. This will collect applications from future beneficiaries of the Digital Academy Jobs program. These applications will be based on NOVOJOB’s CV library of several hundred thousand candidates, which will be used for the project. Talenteo is also a powerful application management and profile matching tool that makes the process fluid at all stages: upstream and downstream.

2nd phase : Matching
The candidates who will be enrolled in the training will go through a matching phase which consists of : Evaluating their skills by providing them with Psychotechnical Tests and Personality Assessments to gain a complete profile detailing various personality aspects, strengths and weaknesses and the areas in which they could excel in order to direct them towards a career that they can conquer with their skills. Following the assessment, we will sort them into subgroups according to the profile they best fit, and set up a personalized training program.

3rd phase : the training
After matching, each learner will have access to the pre-designed program. The training will be conducted in a blended mode, which means that candidates will be required to attend sessions on-site to receive professional training based on the online materials provided. However, for candidates who are in remote areas or who have difficulty attending, the courses will be in synchronous mode, which means that we will stream the training so that they can participate under any circumstances. During the training period, candidates will take quizzes and assessments to ensure that the training is well tailored and that they are progressing accordingly. On-site training will last 3-4 weeks for each group and after the final week, candidates will be able to access the online training materials for ongoing upskilling.

4th phase : The onboarding
There will be a pre-designed program by Majorel with the help of experts in the field of HR. Candidates will be trained in the ethics, values and manners that are universal in the professional market, with a focus on what is most prominent in the Moroccan market. Our goal is to upskill the candidates to better match the jobs that currently exist.


With CFYE support, the project will be better designed, proceed more quickly, or reach more young people than it otherwise would have. In addition, in order to make this project answer to all the objectives and help face the challenges that the Moroccan job market is suffering from, the CFYE contribution is inherent to guarantee a faster process and to reach widespread targets on a larger scale in different areas and different cities than simply local environments.