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As one of the most critical sectors in Jordan, manufacturing holds excellent prospects for job opportunities. IUG strives to utilize this potential by increasing access to decent jobs for youth. By offering a training program in tailoring, we will equip young Jordanians, especially women and refugees, with essential skill-sets that will help them find employment in IUG and open the door to decent jobs in the garment industry.

The Problem

Jordan’s traditional cultural values can hold women back from getting a proper education. Being expected to start a family early often leaves women with minimal chances to engage in economic activities to support themselves financially. Not only does this prevent achieving financial independence, but it also hinders women from developing their interests and attaining new skill-sets. Therefore, our project will prioritize giving young Jordanian women the skills they need to generate an income for themselves.

Furthermore, there is a huge percentage of unemployed youth in Jordan, many of whom are uneducated. The Covid 19 pandemic has especially exacerbated the unemployment rate for women. Many Jordanian reports show that during the pandemic there was a clear pattern of women being let go faster in the workforce compared to their male colleagues. On top of this, the gender wage gap in the country creates extra financial challenges for women.

Thus, our project will aim to overcome the cultural and economic barriers to youth employment, and especially women’s employment by providing fair and equal wages to both males and females.

The Solution

At IUG, we believe strongly in giving back to the community – doing our part to help better the society we live in. Our Tailor Your Career project strives to positively impact the lives of many Jordanian youths, helping them with developing skills and finding work that fits those skills. Our biggest focus will be refugee women of Al Baqa’a camp, as refugees are impacted the hardest by unemployment and endure severe financial hardships.

Through our training programs, we will improve the capabilities of young jobseekers. Our proposed project is to hire youths with limited to no knowledge in tailoring and train them to work with us. They will learn everything they need to know about tailoring and be able to use this knowledge to work for various companies or use the knowledge to start working for themselves. We will be training people on our machines through a professional trainer who will be with them throughout the entire training program. We will be training more than 300+ people throughout the program & employing 200 of them.


For IUG to move forward with its plan to train and hire hundreds of youth, we need to put together a proper hiring and training program. With CFYE’s support, our project is more likely to succeed and reach bigger impacts. It will be better designed, proceed more quickly, and reach more young people than it otherwise would have. Both the monetary and technical assistance will be vital to improving the project we are already working on. The financial help will enable us to improve our new facility and provide decent work for a higher number of youth and women.

On the other hand, the TA’s support will better educate us on the problems we are working so hard to help solve and assist us in brainstorming better solutions to reach more individuals. As we have already attempted this project on a smaller scale and have found it successful, CFYE’s contribution will help us scale this project up, in a shorter time frame, while reaching a bigger audience. Moreover, the fund will improve the quality of work that we will provide the youth with, giving them additional benefits on top of the minimum requirements.