Selection Tunisia


Our project aims to contribute to job creation by addressing the skills mismatch between the technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills young medium-to-high-skilled graduates in Tunisia possess and those required by employers and the labor demand market at large. We aim to achieve this through high-quality, demand-aligned training, and by matching trainees with decent opportunities for wage or self-employment. Our partner companies have offered to open 6-month internship positions which they have for 300 high-potential, vulnerable Go My Code (GMC) students. Successful candidates will be awarded a scholarship covering the costs of their training.

The Problem

Within the Tunisian student community, there is a lack of proper information about the opportunities and accurate challenges available to them in their own city. A major discrepancy exists between the way participants perceived the job market (local, national, and international) and their own place within it, and the actuality of their qualifications assessed against the needs of the market. This lack of understanding of the root causes or underlying factors of their unemployment/unstable employment situation resulted in many cases of a lack of confidence in their ability to ever integrate into the job market or find a job that would fulfil them.

A more direct and facilitated connection with the private sector was crucial to help overcome both the educational and psychological barriers they were encountering on their journey to employment.

The Solution

As women are particularly vulnerable to employment challenges, gender inclusion is at the heart of our overall strategy and operationalization. From its integration in the design of our training content to the choice of consortium partners, professional and entrepreneurial actors, and networks our beneficiaries will benefit from.

In cooperation with our consortium partners, we endeavour to make a clear commitment to hiring selected trainees, and also to co-organize a series of:

  • Workshops
  • Field visits
  • Networking events
  • Other social/ professional gatherings

These opportunities will create a direct link between the organization and future hires. Furthermore, it will provide a pre-immersive experience to the students so they are truly “job-ready” by the end of their training. We will also create new training content on how to become a freelance developer, combining training on in-demand digital and tech skills with entrepreneurship and soft skills training targeted at wanna-be freelancers.

A matching and recruitment management platform supported by a strong human infrastructure will be developed and strengthened to enable the efficient matching of suitable profiles among GMC pool of graduates and alumni with the recruitment needs of partner organizations, who will have access to an ever-growing database of potential hires as employees or freelancers.


The CFYE grant will prove to be a game-changer for the proposed project. It will enable us to implement all proposed activities at a much larger pace, and reach a much larger number of beneficiaries. It also allows us to attract high-level companies and enter into strategic partnerships requiring them to make a commitment to hire trainees – a level of engagement that would be extremely difficult to get in different circumstances.
The technical assistance requested will be instrumental to strengthen our ability to assess, measure and optimize the impact it seeks to have on its students and on the professional tech ecosystem at large.