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Crystel is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company and the first independent, multilingual contact centre provider in Jordan. As a company, we strive to improve customer service solutions and improve business performances. As an employer, we aim to provide decent employment opportunities and improve existing jobs for Jordanian youth, especially women.

The Problem

Young Jordanians are ready and keen to find employment in the sector and as there is a growing demand in the Business Process outsourcing for employees. But even though there is enough supply and demand, many young Jordanians, especially women, do not find employment. The reason for this is that the many Jordanian youth do not have the sufficient skills that the BPO sector is looking for in new employees. Besides that, Jordanian youth find it hard to find flexible work to match their needs.

Specifically (young) women face additional constrains in finding employment since they are also held back by social expectations and barriers. These include domestic responsibilities and family life. These expectations are limiting young women to grow both financially and personally. We believe that young Jordanian women need flexible working hours and work-from-home possibilities to have the opportunity to join the work force.

This is why our project will target young Jordanians, especially women to tackle unemployment and create flexible work environments to the main challenges that the Jordanian Youth is facing in their search for employment.

The Solution

Our project will create an advanced training centre and training programs to upskill the youth. We will provide them with the necessary skills to meet the complex requirements of global clients in the BPO sector and thus gain employment. Our project will also aim at improving the work environment at Crystel for new and already existing employees. Our focus areas are the regions of Amman, Karak and Aqaba. But with our work from home model, it would be possible to work from anywhere.

With the help and support of CFYE our goal is:

  • To expand female participation in our company to a minimum of 60% of our total employees by providing childcare support, extended maternity privileges, and creating a flexible workplace.
  • To create an online training platform to enable employees to train remotely and a state-of-the-art training centre to upskill the youth.
  • To improve our training by revamping and accrediting our training programs.
  • To expand our work from home model which will enhance the participation of youth in remote areas.

With this project we intend to create, match, and improve a total of 3,500 jobs over the span of two years. With an eye on female participation this will include 425 jobs created for women, 1150 matched and 265 improved. We aim to reach this goal while simultaneously improving the quality of life in the company for a comfortable work environment.





With the support of CFYE we will be able to improve the work environment by improving different aspects of benefits, such as maternity leave or flexible working hours. It will also help us improve our training programs and facilities and our BPO infrastructure, which in turn will allow us to improve work from home conditions and possibilities. This would make employment more attractive for young job seekers, and especially women. Furthermore, the support will enable us to obtain important certifications that will enhance the overall quality of our company.

All these aspects will make us able to provide more decent job opportunities for the Jordanian youth.