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Al Mouneer

Almouneer is the first specialized and fully integrated digital healthcare platform in Egypt with a special focus on chronic diseases, particularly diabetes. Our two-fold goal is to enhance the quality of life and journey of chronic patients (specifically diabetics) and improve the living and working conditions of young Egyptians, particularly women in the medical field. We aim to incorporate a full lifestyle multidisciplinary platform and application for diabetics. Through our disease monitoring app, we are enabling access to a wide range of experts in different medical specialties serving diabetics to enhance both patient outcome and doctors’ performance in disease management. We will accomplish our goal through the provision of medical services on our digital platform together with disease monitoring, while simultaneously creating employment opportunities for youth specifically women.

The Problem

There are two problems in Egypt to which we want to offer a solution, and these are diabetes and youth unemployment.

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting up to 15% of Egyptians causing major health complications especially if poorly controlled. In the Egyptian healthcare sector, there is an absence of a formal structure to guide diabetic patients through their journey. Besides that, people prone to diabetes often lack awareness about the illness and are left undiagnosed or untreated until severe irreversible damages occur.

Youth unemployment or underemployment is a major challenge in Egypt. 30.2% of the Egyptian youth are not in formal employment, education, or training (NEET’s). Young Egyptians are neither participating in the formal labour market nor learning the necessary skills to do so in the future. When looking at the under and unemployment rates by gender, it becomes clear that women are unevenly affected by this compared to men. 44% of women are NEET, compared to 17.2% of young men. Because of this, we want to empower youth with our project by giving them access to formal and decent employment.

The Solution

Our project creates the first digitally-enabled diabetes management platform which will serve millions of patients in Egypt and across the MENA region. One critical path to launching and operating this platform is by hiring and training youth, with an emphasis on young women. The reason for this is that we need fresh and creative minds to work on the platform and in newly onboarded clinics and other medical providers.

The platform’s patient and doctor app will mainly focus on clinics in Greater Cairo, Delta, and Upper Egypt. It will help offer services to diabetics by giving them access to multi-disciplinary medical services, providing them with ONLINE support by specialized experts 24/7, together with disease monitoring through integrating the app with their devices and wearables.

We will create employment for women in care-oriented jobs, for individuals who have earned medium to high-level degrees and for doctors who lack training and exposure to new practice opportunities.

Our goal is to create 1419 jobs and improve 608 existing ones. This leads to a total improvement and creation of 2027 jobs for young people. We aim to assign 50% of the employment opportunities to young women. Besides this, our goal is to onboard 500 clinics serving chronic diabetes in Greater Cairo, Delta and Upper Egypt.


With the help and support of CFYE, we will be able to attain the needed mentorship to enhance our operations and update our technological solutions. This means that we will be able to build a digital platform for 500 clinics, train the employers to work in them, manage their patients and expand to regions outside of Greater Cairo.

Finally, it will also enable us to create decent jobs for more than 2000 youth in the span of two years, which would not have been possible in that time without the help of CFYE.