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Yetroselane Limited

Yetroselane is a manufacturing and retail company specialising in women’s apparel, deeply committed to incorporating a zero waste policy into our production processes. Beyond our sustainable approach, we are deeply passionate about youth development and empowerment, which reflects in our fashion academy.
At our Fashion Academy, we offer a range of vocational and entrepreneurial training courses tailored to empower young individuals, preparing them for employment opportunities. With the backing of CFYE, we proudly introduce the WEFash Impact Project, designed to provide women and youths with vital skills essential for both securing employment and launching their own fashion ventures. Through this initiative, we aim to not only empower women but also combat youth unemployment challenges in Nigeria.

The Problem

With our project, we seek two address two pressing challenges in Nigeria. First, is the lack of sufficient job opportunities for youth and therefore high youth unemployment. In Nigeria, most employers have a preference for pre-trained, practically experienced staff, which hinders youth employment opportunities. Adding to that, there is a lack of support from educational institutes and enterprises to enable working-learning trajectories like internships which would increase the employability of youth.

Second, is the massive gap in the local garment manufacturing sector, including the scarcity of skilled workers. Most education in Nigeria is focussed on formal work and is not very practical, creating a mismatch between education and the expectations of employers. There is a lack of in-demand digital skills in the fashion business.

Among others, these two problems contribute to the unemployment of youth in Nigeria, as an estimated 24,5 million young men and women are currently either unemployed or underemployed.

The Solution

The fashion industry represents a continuously expanding multi-billion-dollar sector, offering significant potential for a lucrative return on investment.

Through our groundbreaking WEFash Impact Project, we aspire to revolutionize the fashion landscape by equipping women with technical and digital skills, thus unlocking a realm of enhanced opportunities. Our project proposes a remarkable 300% increase in Yetroselane’s production capacity within the next two years. This leap will be achieved by seamlessly integrating circularity, sustainability, and AI into our manufacturing processes, as well as automating our administrative operations.

This transformative shift will not only result in the creation of fresh markets and innovative business models but will also generate numerous new direct job opportunities for young individuals. Furthermore, it will have a cascading effect, extending to indirect employment for our supply chain partners and various stakeholders.

In the long term, we aim to create, match and improve a total of 1000 jobs on this project.


The support of CFYE will help us ensure that our program is benefiting the correct type of young women that are in need of support, it will also help us to promote the welfare of people in the garment industry.  CFYE will also help us to ensure that the gender equity goal we are trying to achieve in the skilled labour sector is appropriately captured in our programs.

It is likely that with CFYE support, the project will be better designed, proceed more quickly, or reach more young people than it otherwise would have.