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Webhelp Jordan started in 2019 as part of the global Webhelp company,  providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to worldwide exciting and known brands through Customer Experience, Digital Services and Consultancy. Webhelp Jordan stands in a competitive position by its presence as the only global company in Jordan within BPO industry. Webhelp believes in maintaining the growth within business and communities, setting up a People First – Career Boost project. With this project Webhelp aims to empower Jordanian youth through skill development and providing career opportunities.

The Problem

The unemployment rate in Jordan was measured to be 23,9 % in 2022. Almost a quarter of the unemployed population in Jordan, possess a university degree or higher, which reveals the fact that high education does not necessarily equal a decent and high pay employment. Youth are disproportionally affected by unemployment, making about two-thirds of the population the unemployment rate surrounding 40% (IFAD, 2019). Why is there so much unemployment in Jordan?

There is a skills gap between the demand and supply and there is a lack of formal, decent employment opportunities for youth. For most jobs in the private sector that have job opportunities, the employers find that the available youth is unprepared and lacks the desired skills. Simultaneously, young adults feel that they are not fully prepared for working life, as their education has not covered the soft and technical skills that are demanded by the work force.

Female participation in the work force remains a persisting challenge since they are faced with additional problems that constrain women from entering the work force. These challenges involve traditional gender roles, in which women’s responsibilities are focussed on household labour and domestic care.

The Solution

Our project, People First – Career Boost, addresses the youth employment challenges in Jordan by creating new job opportunities and improving the employability of young people, especially women. We aim to empower our community and youth through skill development and better work environments. We hope our project helps the youth in Jordan build a better future.

Our project will entail the following:

  • An upskilling program – we will provide training and education programs for our current youth staff that alight with the skills to develop their roles and careers within the organization. Moreover, we will create a program for the job seeking youth to upskill certain skills that are demanded for them to join the labour market.
  • Improved working conditions – with our program we will improve the working conditions of young people by providing benefits such as childcare allowance, transportation, medical insurance, and cost of living allowance. With this working conditions we hope that employment will also become more attractive for young women.
  • Sustain and increase the percentage of women in the workforce – we will implement policies that support gender diversity and provide mentoring and networking opportunities for women.

With our program we hope to create sustainable and long term impact by increasing employability, job opportunities and working conditions. We aim to offer more than 600 job opportunities in two years.


With the CFYE funds, we will be able to create our own upskilling programme for young Jordanians that graduate from university with insufficient skills to enter the workforce or with limited experience. Without CFYE the journey of our program would have been longer and harder. Finally, the technical and monetary support from CFYE will save us time and also will help us enhance the quality of (youth) employment.