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Green Circle

Green Circle is a company based in Amman, Jordan that works in the development of cyber security. As a company we believe that both cyber security and the unemployment of youth are threats to our community. Because of this, we have set up the program Cyber Zero-2-Hero (CZ2H). The program is aimed to train youth and create jobs in the cyber security sector, with an emphasis on the employment of young women.

The Problem

Unemployment in Jordan is a major problem, especially compared to the global average. For women and youth, the numbers are exceptionally concerning. 33,6% of the female population is unemployed, versus 21,2% of men, and the unemployment rate for youth is 40%.

The Jordanian youth aspire to have decent working conditions and decent jobs but are constrained by many different factors. Approximately 50.000 jobs are created each year in Jordan, which covers only about 40% of university graduates. Besides that, there is a big mis match between demand and supply. Most graduates are not equipped by the skills that the labour market is demanding. Therefore, there is a shortage of skilled employees in the cybersecurity domain. The Jordanian youth needs to be equipped with technical and digital skills that are aligned with the needs of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity market.

Finally, young women that aspire to have a career are exceptionally constrained because they have to deal with traditional expectations that concern domestic responsibilities and family life.


The Solution

Our goal with CZ2H program is to create meaningful youth employment by supporting the Jordanian youth, training them to gain valuable skills and let them experience the highly demanding cybersecurity sector. The program is designed to offer youth and women the capacity to create new job opportunities, match current cybersecurity specialists needs and improve existing employees their work competencies through training and guidance.

The objectives we aim to achieve with the CZ2H program and the help of CFYE are:

  • Create work opportunities in several different sectors that involve cybersecurity technology and make these opportunities more attractive for women and youth.
  • Offer apprenticeships, internships and on-the-job trainings to women and youth to improve the transition for graduates into the workforce and prepare them for a long-term career growth.
  • Build a group of young cybersecurity experts with unique skills.
  • Minimalize the external barriers women face concerning societal expectations, by providing them with flexible work arrangements to balance work and private life.

Our ultimate goal is to match 600 jobs, create 200 jobs, and improve 200 jobs. Additionally our aim is to train 2000 young Jordanians to gain the necessary skills for the workforce.


With the resources, expertise and guidance provided by CFYE our project will be designed better and will proceed more quickly.

Without the help of CFYE, the program would not be able to reach it goals and objectives, and thus not be able to target youth and women to gain decent employment.