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Bravo Nuts

Bravo Nuts is a manufacturing company based in Jordan. It was established in 2001 in the city of Aqaba under the trademark “Al Shaab”, meaning “the people” in Arabic. At Bravo Nuts, we do not only care about the people that are our customers, but we also care about the people within our company and country, such as our existing and future employees and the youth in Jordan. Because of this we initiated a project that wants to challenge unemployment and improve employment for the youth in Jordan.

The Problem

One of the main challenges in the MENA region is the gap between the demand and supply of decent, formal labour and sufficient skills. Work seekers do not have the skills that are required by (formal) employees, creating the demand-supply gap which on it’s turn contributes to unemployment in Jordan. Because of this, more than half of the existing jobs are either informal or unregistered. These jobs do not offer any decent employment conditions, safety nets or any clear pathways that offer growth or future perspective for youth.

The unemployment problem that Jordan is suffering from, is highly impacting the economy and the social life of Jordanians. The youth in Jordan makes over 60% of the total population, and a total of 22,8% of them are unemployed. Women have even higher rates of unemployment (33,6%), and the female labour participation in Jordan is the third lowest in the world at 16,9%.

The reason for this is that women face additional problems when seeking employment such as a traditional value system that perpetuates gender roles in which women’s responsibilities are focussed on household labour and family responsibilities.

With our project we hope to challenge the unemployment problem in Jordan and to boost youth and women participation in the labour force.

The Solution

The project is built on two main components. First, to raise awareness on women employment, and second to create, match, and improve 1100 employment opportunities for youth. Our project is specifically targeting the areas of Amman and Aqaba.

For the first component, we will focus on addressing misconceptions towards women employment. We will do this by conducting awareness sessions. For the second component we will conduct information sessions to present opportunities to youth, we will equip young employees with valuable skills by providing them technical training and soft skill straining. Furthermore, we will open new branches, add production lines, and expand our bakery sections in existing locations to create employment opportunities.

Our goal is to create, improve and match a total of 1100 new employment opportunities in retail and industrial sectors, with a special emphasis on the employment of youth between the ages of 18-35. Of these 1100 employment opportunities, 55% will consist of positions for women and 45% for men. We will create 400 jobs, match 100 jobs and improve 600 jobs. The quality improvement of the jobs will be accomplished by providing child-care allowance, healthcare, free transportation for women, free lunch and accommodation.


With the support of CFYE we will be able to achieve the goal of our project faster and with a higher quality.

The funding will enable us to create new production lines and to cut the projected delivery time in half. As a consequence, this will also speed up the creation of employment opportunities for youth and women. The fund will additionally be used to contract healthcare and childcare facilities, to improve the quality of employment and to improve the accessibility of employment for women.