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Sprints – ScaleAI

Sprints is the first end-to-end solution to bridge the tech talent gap – starting from assessing the talent, delivering a customized learning journey, securing a top-paying job, and finally supporting our alumni’s career growth. After our proven success, ScaleAI is the second iteration of CFYE’s support.  With this project we aim to scale our current offerings to equip and upskill youth and women in Egypt, enabling them to be employed in newly created jobs.

The Problem

By 2023, our region’s youth will constitute 49% of the global youth. But unfortunately, only 3% of global techies are from MEA. Many technology (tech) graduates are not fully equipped with the necessary skills that the tech labour market is looking for. As a result, there are high rates of unemployment among tech graduates and companies are unable to find suitable candidates.

Women face additional barriers. Cultural factors such as household duties, young children, and gender inequality in hiring and promoting play a big part in women unemployment or underemployment. In rural areas, they find even more difficulties.

The Middle East and African (MEA) youth is eager to learn and upskill themselves to find jobs and improve their financial situation. However, few entities guarantee the hiring of learners. This is where we step in.

We have graduated thousands of techies graduate from our program to compete globally. But we need to invest in learning journeys to address the demand for upskilling. Our main challenge is scalability, we ask: how can we leverage our formula to reach more youth? This is why we came up with the project ScaleAI.

The Solution

Sprints addresses the tech talent shortages through customized learning journeys. Our project ScaleAI will help us to achieve the mission and challenge of scalability. We can build exceptional engineered learning journeys which will equip young people with the skills necessary for employment. We will achieve this by providing learners with time-boxed, business simulated and holistic learning to graduate exceptional techies and unleash their potential.

We will reach this goal by fully utilizing AI capabilities in this learning journey. This will include the creation of coding labs for learning, automating reviews of submitted projects, and providing AI empowered interviews. We will produce automate learning journeys by unleashing the power of multi-language automatic narrators and deep-fake technology. This will have two effects, first, it will make the production cycle faster and second, it will support multi-language learning which will boost our scalability across the globe.

The market-driven learning experience powered by AI will help us with our goal to create 4,000 tech-enabled jobs 500 of which will be in Nigeria and another 500 in Jordan, match 1,000 young people with employment opportunities and improve 1,000 existing jobs. Of the total of 6,000 jobs, our aim is to employ 3,100 women.


CFYE funding will support us with:

Employment: 6.000 jobs will be created, matched and improved instead of 2,340.

Scaling: we will be able to create an innovative scalable model to scale our impact. For example, the support will allow us to build automated tools, which will eliminate the manual effort which is preventing us from scaling.

New programs: we will be able to kick off new programs that target mainly young women and create a market-driven learning experience powered by AI.

Women participation: with intervention and guidance from CFYE, we aim to create a rate of 50% women graduates and 50% of women hirings.

Rural areas: we will be able to direct more campaigns towards rural areas, aiming to target 50% of youth in rural areas compared to the 28% we are reaching now. we are especially hoping to reach women in rural areas with this support, since our current reach to women in rural areas is now minimal.