Selection Tunisia


We provide technical assistance in the manufacturing of textiles and garments in order to implement standards for sustainable development and environmental protection to ensure our employees’ stability.


The Problem

According to the latest statistics, 14% of total arrivals to Italian shores through illegal migration are Tunisians, the majority of whom are young people who have lost hope of improving their standard of living. Moreover, one out of three young Tunisians in rural Tunisian regions (33.4%) and one out of five young Tunisians in urban areas belong to the category of young people who are neither employed nor enrolled in education or training.

Tunisian and international regulations demand regulatory certificates and legal licenses. Since January 2022, all customers in both local and export markets are required to adhere to these requirements and certificates, before launching production orders.

Without such certifications, the threat of high turnover and decreased employee numbers will increase drastically by June 2023. 

The Solution

We aim to bridge this gap by improving working conditions in the consortium through:

  • Training in risk management, health and safety, fire prevention, time management and stress management
  • Physical health safeguards through the provision of an occupational physician
  • Social team building activities to increase trust and well-being within the working environment.

We will use a participatory approach with all staff, especially women, to design and implement the project standards in order to improve current systems and practices.


CFYE support is instrumental in developing this project. Its contribution guarantees the continuity of our organizations and our activities.