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IATL International

IATL International Training Centre aims to empower the youth in Sudan by training them and equipping them with key IT skills. We strive to bring the technical expertise of Sudanese youth up to an international standard through our affordable training. Our upskilling efforts will have a direct impact on the youth of Sudan and increase their practical knowledge leading to better employment opportunities.

The Problem

Sudan is a newcomer to the ICT field; therefore, the number of people with professional ICT training is very limited. We have conducted an informal internal survey of the market and its current needs versus the supply that has led us to this conclusion: There is a massive gap of technically qualified engineers in the IT sector. Although there are many graduates in the technical fields, most have theoretical knowledge only and no hands-on experience or professional training in IT services. The lack of practical skills has significantly impacted the level of support provided within the IT sector.

There are currently no IT training initiatives nationally or regionally, and the international training centers are unaffordable for most individuals or companies in Sudan. On top of this, organizations do not invest in training their staff because of the high costs training assumes. This is another barrier to training and uplifting the local technical community.

IATL plans to enable people to grow and upskill, making them more attractive to the market and increasing their chance of finding decent employment.

The Solution

To help combat the high youth unemployment in Sudan while boosting the tech industry, IATL International plans to provide a training facility. The training center will upskill youth, especially women, in key IT skills. We will provide training in machine maintenance, software maintenance, server installation and configuration, firewall configuration and installation, VOIP installation and configuration, Odoo basic programming for software, and sales and pre-sales techniques.

Our project aims to pave the road to decent youth employment by improving labor supply, creating more labor demand, and/or matching youth to decent jobs. Our well-designed training programs will match youths to high-paying technical jobs, create new jobs by supporting SMEs, as well as will focus on job improvement strategies. We will train undergraduate students, graduate students, and youth in employment. By the end of the project, we will have helped more than 1700 young people to be employed.


CFYE’s support will enable us to build a well-established state-of-the-art training center with a vast capacity to fit many youths. It will also help us to better design our project and proceed with the implementation quickly. Moreover, since our project mainly focuses on women, CFYE’s technical assistance and expertise in gender inequality and social inclusion will be essential for positive social impact.