CFYE has initiated scoping and pipeline development in Sudan!

Hello Sudan! We are looking for interesting and innovative applicants or consortia that can provide scalable, private sector-driven solutions and growth for more and better jobs for youth, and women. 

Windows & Criteria

We are in the process of defining more detailed funding and eligibility criteria for Sudan, based on discussions and meetings with potential applicants and other key stakeholders in the youth employment ecosystem. Recognizing Sudan’s current status as a country with a relatively young population, most of whom live in rural areas, a low level of female labor force participation and a large informal sector, we do not intend to limit the scope of CFYE projects to particular sectors or opportunities.

However, solutions presented should always show a clear pathway to creation or improvement of jobs, whether the focus is on improving the supply of labor, creating more labor demand, matching youth to decent jobs, or – in combination with any of the previous criteria – sustaining jobs at risk. Promising sectors or themes are export promotion, digitization of business models and fast-growing industrial sectors such as manufacturing and construction

Discuss potential projects for funding

If you are interested to discuss with us potential projects for funding or have an interesting idea to explore, or if you are looking for a specific partner to establish or lead a consortium, please get in touch with our Jordan partnership development team. Led by Ahmed Darwish in Sudan.

Register Now

We plan to organize a webinar when launching our call (indicative timing: last week of January 2021) to provide more information and details on the types of projects we would like to fund.

Registration invitations for this webinar will be sent to interested partners, if you fill in the stay informed form at the bottom of this page, we will inform you when the registrations are open.

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