January 6, 2021 Whitney van Schyndel

Join one of our Kenya webinars

We are opening a Call for Solutions in Kenya on January 15th

The CFYE’s Kenyan Call for Proposals will open up on January 15th 2021. You are kindly invited to attend one of two thematic webinars for our Kenyan call for proposals. In these webinars, we explain which type of proposals we can and would like to fund.

Our Scoping Study Highlights Report presents the preliminary eligibility criteria as well as the two thematic focus-areas (“windows”) we selected. The two windows and related webinar dates for CFYE in Kenya will be:

  • 14 January at 16.00 Kenya time – Window 1: Digital Business Support Service, focusing on applications offering technological solutions or using technology-based business models to enhance business performance within companies, between companies or between companies and consumers. This includes for example ICT in general, e-commerce and the creative sector. Register here.
  • 18 January at 16.00 Kenya time – Window 2: Scaling up Green Jobs, focusing on applications with environmentally and socially responsible business models that scale up existing innovations or business models – creating jobs along the way. This includes for example higher value agribusiness or any clean-tech solutions. Register here.

We invite potential applicants to attend the thematic webinar that best matches their project idea. Project ideas that do not match either of these two windows are not eligible in this call for proposals.

Only registered participants will receive the meeting link to the event in the day prior to the event. Please click the registration link for the specific webinar you would like to attend. Or read more information on our Call for Solutions here.