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How James is Impacting Communities through Aggregation

Inspired by the idea of creating a cleaner and safer environment, James came up with an innovative solution— waste management.

As a member of ‘Biafra Youth Self-Help Group’ a youth outreach community group, they saw a valuable opportunity in collaborating with Mr Green Africa, an organization that strives to balance decency with business acumen. Through this partnership, James was able to spread his positive impact further amongst the community.

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His idea

Recognizing the practicality and vast potential of waste management, James decided to pursue this field to make a substantial difference. He understood that single-use plastics not only posed environmental challenges but also had negative social implications. However, in Kenya waste pickers face ever-changing, non-transparent prices, resulting in low incomes. With this in mind, James embarked on a journey to create a sustainable waste management system that would benefit both the community and local environment. He recognized that he could make a significant impact on the lives of young mothers in his community by identifying the financial burden they faced in providing for their children’s education.

Empowering James

Through the collaboration with Mr Green Africa (MGA), and individual mentors like Jackson, James was empowered as an agent. Through the security and assistance provided by MGA, James helped provide young mothers with a means to pay for their children’s school fees. He recognized the importance of “Kazi Bora” (better jobs) as a means to improve their quality of life and make their livelihoods more affordable. This is a sentiment shared by MGA, who believe that individuals could not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also gain financial stability through their work.

“When I hear people asking why single-use plastics are the problem, I reflect a lot. Perhaps I should just bring them here and not say anything at all. Remember, we can only use them once, yet they stay forever.”

James Njenga, Aggregator

So, why does James do it?

What truly fuels James’ motivation is the sense of purpose he derives from helping young mothers. Witnessing their growth, financial independence, and the positive impact they have on their families gives him a profound sense of fulfilment. He was driven by the desire to provide these individuals with a purpose and a means to uplift themselves. From the support provided by Mr Green Africa, James was encouraged to amplify the impact of his work and started creating short videos and documentaries to raise awareness about the importance of waste management. He believes that by sharing these stories, he can inspire others to join the cause and promote sustainable practices within the community.

Effect of James’s work

James knows that being an aggregator presents an opportunity for individuals to run a business that not only benefits their own livelihoods but also contributes to the well-being of the community. Working with companies like Mr Green Africa fosters a culture of environmental responsibility and provides opportunities for growth and development, aligning their goals with those of aspiring professionals like James.

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