Call for Solutions – Ethiopia

Launching: December 10  |  Deadline: January 31

CFYE strives to disrupt the employment status quo for Jordanian youth. We are calling for innovative private-sector-led solutions that create, improve, or match decent work for youth in Ethiopia, with a focus on women in particular.  Any Ethiopia specific questions can be sent to

Launch Call for Solutions

We will be launching our Call for Solutions soon! Please find a more detailed timeline below and make sure to stay informed by filling in the form on this page:

Opening: Our Ethiopian Call for Solutions will open up on December 10th.
Webinar: We will host a webinar to formally launch the call for solutions in the same week(s), and the Concept Note documents will be published on this page at the same time.
Deadline: The deadline for submission of your Concept Notes is January 31. Two weeks before the deadline we will host a webinar to provide additional explanation on the submission process.

Our detailed Call for Solutions is yet to be established but the following eligibility criteria will apply:

Co-funding: In general, we provide co-funding of 10-50%. The minimum co-funding of CFYE is 100.000 EURO, meaning total project budgets equal at least 200.000 EURO without a maximum value at this stage.
Creating jobs: Eligible initiatives need to create, match or improve at least 250 jobs. Note, however, that CFYE will not support training-only projects. Employment creation, matching or improvement must be the direct outcome.
Sector: The call will be sector-agnostic: all sectors are eligible as long as our team is convinced of the commercial feasibility and confirmed labour demand in your project idea.
Employment type: Initiatives in both the informal and formal sectors are eligible. However, they should focus on wage employment or semi-employment (working with agents or other semi- self-employed positions as part of a company’s business model).
Business Development stage: We are looking for readily tested concepts ready for scaling up or scaling out (meaning already scaled up but ready to diversify).

Relevant Documentation

Our Ethiopian scoping team has kick-started our research on key employment challenges for Ethiopian youth. At the same time, we have also started building our pipeline of potential prospects looking to co-finance their youth employment solutions.

CFYE would like to be in contact with companies and organisations that can reach out to youth, developing scalable, private sector-driven solutions empowering youth on the jobs market or as self-employed entrepreneurs or out-growers. We are particularly interested in initiatives offering opportunities and hope to young women.

To inform the formulation of an Ethiopia-specific Call for Solutions, a team of consultants and local youth champions conducted a scoping study. The key deliverable of this research is our scoping report with a targeted call for solutions, as well as two shorter reports on Youth Action Research and our Living Wage Benchmark with guidance on living wages and incomes.  We invite all potential applicants to have a look at these documents to inform their project design.

Stay Informed

Competitive Process

The Challenge Fund for Youth Employment will apply a competitive process to select the projects that will receive a grant. That means that only those projects that present a clear and convincing pathway to employment, lead to significant and sustainable results in terms of decent employment for youth, with a focus on young women, and can demonstrate high leverage will be selected.

The Call for Solutions will be officially opened after the webinar. An eligibility check with subsequent access to the Concept Note Template will be made available on this webpage. We will send an update to all interested parties who registered to be kept up to date below.

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