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Bridging the gap in Community Health Care through Entrepreneurship

At 32 years old, Kyalikunda Allen’s relentless determination and passion for her community and family have transformed her life and the lives of countless others. Kyalikunda Allen was acutely aware of the challenges her community faced, particularly when it came to accessing vital healthcare services. The nearest health centres were miles away, leaving community members with limited options for medical care. That was until Healthy Entrepreneurs offered her a life-changing job opportunity. Motivated by a deep desire to bridge the healthcare gap in her community, Kyalikunda embraced the opportunity presented by Healthy Entrepreneurs with unwavering dedication. The organisation provided her with valuable training and innovative ideas to bring health services closer to her people. Drawing on her experience as a Community Health Worker (CHW), she saw this as a chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of those she cared for. 


Before gaining her current position in Healthy Entrepreneurs, Kyalikunda could only partially channel her community-minded spirit in her work as a CHW. Although she received training she, like most others, was often unpaid and lacked the resources to scale her business. Indeed, this was reflected in inconsistent supplies being provided which caused distrust in the community. She heard of an opportunity to gain further training and financial stability through the support of Healthy Entrepreneurs and decided to embark on a new venture.

From trainee to self-entrepreneur: Kyalikunda’s path to financial security 

Following a tailored mentorship and training programme, Healthy Entrepreneurs provided financial support to Kyalikunda with a loan of 14,000 shillings, which she used to establish her business within the community. Her remarkable work ethic and sound financial management saw her repay the loan in just seven months, an achievement that underscored her commitment to success. Buoyed by her initial efforts, Kyalikunda reinvested her profits into expanding her enterprise. Today, with the support of Healthy Entrepreneurs, her business thrives, allowing her to place larger orders and make substantial profits, amounting to 40,000 shillings from an order of 16,000 shillings. Her enterprise is now equipped with an ample supply of medical provisions, ensuring trust and respect from her community and guaranteeing they have access to much-needed healthcare services. Empowered by the confidence placed in her position, Kyalikunda can also maintain a work-life balance by providing supplies from her home.

I’m inspired by the financial security given to me, I can ensure my daughter receives the education I never could access.

  Kyalikunda Allen, Community Health Entrepreneur 

So, how does Kyalikunda do it?

Kyalikunda acknowledges that other health facilities may occasionally provide free services, potentially affecting her customer base. However, she chooses to confront these obstacles with optimism, fuelled by the memory of her entrepreneurial mother, whose work ethic and customer-oriented approach she continues to emulate. Inspired by her business success, Kyalikunda has grown in confidence and is even more dedicated to inspire her family and community. Her devotion has made her a role model for young people in her village, and she consistently urges them to embrace discipline, patience, and unwavering faith in their own paths to success.

Kyalikunda’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to the power of entrepreneurship in transforming lives and empowering communities. Her dedication to serving her community with accessible healthcare services has ensured that future generations can continue to grow and develop into sustainable careers.

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