August 12, 2020 Whitney van Schyndel

Since we’re working in the entrepreneurial business which includes a lot of risks/ambiguity by definition, do we have to commit to the 250 jobs with Jobs to be at least 24 hrs and at most 48 hrs. Gross income/wage for 1 FTE should be at least EGP 2,370 a month? The reason we’re asking is that we help entrepreneurs to develop startups and create jobs but we don’t commit them to a specific number of jobs created as it’s case dependent.

As you noted correctly, we have set a minimum threshold of 250 jobs for Egypt. What’s more, those 250 jobs should be for women, which may also be difficult to guarantee in your case. If jobs for men are created that is fine, but the minimum is still 250 jobs for women. The jobs for men will be a bonus. We decided on this criterion because we found out that women still have a long way to go to achieve equal work opportunities in Egypt. The purpose of the Challenge Fund is not to boost “business as usual”, we hope to make a difference. While it may be difficult for you to commit to a certain number of jobs for women, you should have experience with past initiatives which created a certain number of jobs that you can refer to or you may want to focus on start-ups that specifically target women, as owners, managers, staff or clients. In any case, we would need to see some evidence from previous experience that suggests that your approach is likely to create the required number of jobs.