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Building Success, One Friendship at a Time: Amal & Iman’s Story

When one thinks of jobs related to the business consultancy world, such as digital, sales, or customer services, what comes to mind is intense competition and opportunistic ties and relationships between colleagues. Having heard the testimonies of Amal Mohammad Alomar and Iman Faisal Alenaizat, two young Jordanian women now employed at WebHelp, this perception completely shifted. For them, friendship and mutual support became the perfect recipe that helped them navigate common challenges and share achievements and successes once their career kick-started.  

With diverse academic backgrounds – Amal with a master’s degree in literature in criticism, and Iman in translation studies – the two found themselves at a crossroads upon graduation in 2023. Like many young Jordanians, they faced the reality of a job market, where almost 25% of the unemployed youth owns a university or master’s degree and female participation in the workforce is still unequal due to the traditional gender roles and expectations 

Iman, 23, began her career journey as a transcriptionist and legal translator. Despite her qualifications, finding a job as a fresh graduate was a real struggle. It was through a friend’s recommendation, that she discovered WebHelp. Intrigued but uncertain, she delved into research, recognizing an opportunity not just for a job, but for personal growth.  

Although with some hesitation, Iman embraced the challenge and relied on her sense of duty and ambition to overcome moments of discouragement during the training. A pivotal performance review with her manager, Mohammad, left her questioning her abilities, yet her honesty about her struggles and self-doubts were not left unheard. If your manager and company see beyond your short-term performance and notice your potential, the possibilities become limitless. Determined to prove herself, she soon earned the coveted title of “Employee of the Month” for November, a testament to her growth and dedication.  

For Amal, 27, who had previously dedicated five years to teaching, the decision to transition into a new field was not an easy one. But having to deal with students and customers (angry, demanding, or polite ones) can require similar skills – or level of patience -, so the prospect of becoming a customer service advisor at WebHelp, surrounded by new faces and challenges, was both intimidating and exciting 

Her journey was about embracing the unfamiliar. Stepping into the role of a customer service advisor meant navigating a world of diverse personalities and customer interactions. The sheer volume of new knowledge was overwhelming, yet she thrived in the environment of learning and adaptation. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to excel did not go unnoticed, and guess what? She also became “Employee of the Month” in December.  

A shared journey towards accomplishment 

Despite not getting along at the beginning – like the best of friendships – it was common challenges and shared achievements that brought Amal and Iman to develop a strong bond. Initially, their differing personalities seemed to be a barrier, but as they worked towards similar ambitions, a deep connection formed. They became each other’s pillars of support, celebrating victories together and navigating obstacles side by side.  

Their advice to others echoes their own journeys: never settle for less than what you deserve. Both young women recognize the transformative power of self-belief and the willingness to empower each other through dialogue and constant support.

I believe every human being is able to change themselves, especially if they have weaknesses and they work on it, every weakness can be turned into a strength. […] If every human being believed in themselves first, they would be successful.

Iman Faisal Alenaizat, Customer Service Advisor

The story of Amal and Iman is a testament to the resilience of youth in the face of adversity and to the potential for cultivating workspaces where competition fosters mutually beneficial outcomes. In a job market hungry for unique skills and personalities, they found their footing through friendship, determination, and a commitment to self-improvement. Their experiences at WebHelp, supported by mentors and a nurturing environment, have not only shaped their careers but also transformed them personally.  

The power of a positive work environment

On top of ambition, knowledge, and a strong willingness to find their well-earned spot in the job market, finding a fulfilling job also requires an enabling environment. This is precisely what WebHelp has been creating with the support of the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment. A workplace where young people not only can scale up in their career by performing and adapting quickly to the daily talks, but also an innovative space where youth receive training, coaching and support from more experienced colleagues.  

What set Amal and Iman up for success is a mix of their constant efforts and dedication to shape their careers as they always dreamed of, and tailored training and upskilling on soft and hard skills that will prove useful for the rest of their careers.  

What is Amal and Iman’s advice?

Never settle for less and keep looking for what you deserve.

As they continue to excel in their roles, inspiring others with their dedication and passion, Amal and Iman stand out as examples of the kind of work environments new generations can shape. Less competition, and more cooperation, to allow everyone to pursue their dreams and preferred career paths. Through their story, we are reminded that with the right mindset and support, every challenge is an opportunity to shape your unique spot in the world, and every dream is within reach.  

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