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Fair Agro Food

Fair Agro Food aims to build agri-centers for youth to grow tree seedlings and vegetables in nurseries and support farmers with agroforestry knowledge, services, and inputs. Through digital agri-coach, farmers will receive proper training and will be able to independently manage financials and product accounts. Our business model will directly create 792 decent jobs and improve 247 jobs enabling 100.000 Sudanese farmers to regenerate and modernize their farms.

The Problem

The youth in Sudan are leaving the villages as they have little interest in the low-income activities their parents are engaged in. Not finding any productive economic activities in the rural areas, they settle in the urban regions, often permanently. Therefore, there is a need to ensure the youth can have fulfilling work opportunities in the village through developing agricultural activities.

Many small-holder Sudanese farmers have little education on modern agricultural practices, especially in agroforestry and horticulture. On top of this, they have no access to markets because of the country’s underdeveloped infrastructure and financing mechanisms. They usually sell their products to village traders resulting in meager incomes. Since the products stay in the village and are only locally consumed, farmers do not have access to accurate information on prices or demand in the market.

Our project offers farmers new techniques and digital tools to modernize farming and improve livelihoods.

The Solution

Our project aims to develop agri-centers where youth support farmers with seedlings, services, and digital solutions in the agricultural business. We will create high-tech nurseries where youth grow seedlings for fruit trees and vegetables. These seedlings will be sold to farmers who will also get all the support for their agroforestry and horticulture activities. We offer many solutions that will lead to harvesting land more times per year. With new digital and agricultural technologies, we will create decent work activities for the youth, enabling them to work near their families. Farmers will get accounts on the UMVA platform, giving them access to financing, inputs, and training and quickly connecting them to buyers.

Through establishing the agri-service centers, diversifying the nurseries, implementing a digital platform, and providing the farmers with training activities, we will create 792 jobs and improve 247 jobs for the youth.


With the support of CFYE, we can start our project as soon as possible, increasing food security in Sudan and boosting the local economy.

The CFYE fund will especially help to cover the start-up cost. Investments are needed to build our nurseries, the agro service centers, and eService network, and train farmers before we can generate a revenue stream. Therefore, CFYE’s contribution will be key to implementing our project smoothly and reaching the desired social impact in Sudan.