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Dataleum is an AI technology eco-system, we are driven by the mission to up-skill, connect, and match young, African, talents with global employment opportunities. In a consortium between Dataleum and LSETF as technical and funding partners, we have initiated the project Skills for TECH. The goal of this project is to bridge the gap between young Nigerian employment seekers and the demand of the labour market.

The Problem

In Nigeria, youth unemployment and underemployment is a major problem. The sustainability of growth of the African tech eco-system is threatened by the lack of adequate skilled talents among young Nigerians.

The challenge of youth unemployment is reflected in the fact that over 24,5 million young men and women in Nigeria are either unemployed or underemployed. Women are among the most affected by this unemployment and underemployment, as less than one million of young women are in formal employment. These women are also more likely to be in lower-earning employment opportunities. Some of the explanations for this could be early family formation that leads to early exit from school and economic inactivity.

With our program, we want to address the challenge of youth employment and pay special attention to the unemployment and underemployment of young women.

The Solution

Our project, Skills for Tech Jobs will entail a comprehensive program that is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to succeed in the highly competitive tech world and to close the gap between the supply and demand for tech employees.

The program will consist of a five week training week per cohort with a focus on in-demand skills such as data science, business analytics and machine learning. Applications for this program are open to all Nigerian youth, but we will prioritise to enrol a minimum of 60% young women.

We will further help and train participants in their chance at securing decent jobs by integrating job preparatory modules such as interview training, resume building, personal branding and networking.

With this project, our end goal is to bridge the unemployment and skills gap in Nigeria by training 3,000 women and youth on in-demand technology skills. We aim to place 2,000 youth (60% women) in decent tech-enabled jobs. Of these numbers, 400 jobs will be created, 480 will be matched and 1120 will be improved.


The support and funding of CFYE will help our project in different ways.

The support of CFYE helps us scale up to impact at least 3000 individuals, which we would otherwise been unable to reach. In addition to this, the technical assistance and the expertise of CFYE enhances the success rate of our project. Furthermore, the funding ensures that our project is more accessible to underrepresented youth such as women and youth living in rural areas. Finally, the funding allows us to accelerate the implementation of our project, by scaling our existing efforts by over 40% of the project period.