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MyTindy enables Moroccan artisans to become empowered online business owners regardless of digital literacy levels. Our platform allows merchants to list and sell their products online while generating diverse revenue streams.

The Problem

In Morocco, there are structural problems within the artisan industry. In order to generate more revenue, it must transition to the digital ecosystem. Re-sellers often take advantage of the lack of digital literacy amongst merchants and this vulnerability results in a decrease in prices and profit margins. This is often due to the lack of:

  • digital and general literacy
  • knowledge about pricing
  • understanding what information is needed to describe the products
  • photography skills
  • awareness on how to select and create products that are going to sell

In order for change to happen, youth need to become aware of the revenue opportunities and diverse access to markets.

The Solution

Our solution focuses on ensuring longevity in the industry by creating sustainable employment. This program will shift the artisans’ role from creator to e-business or small business owners. Today, 70% of our artisans are women and we endeavour to meet this target and even surpass it as we develop and enable more artisans to build revenue and employ youth.

Youth ambassadors and the technical team will be full-time employees of MyTindy, and obtain benefits including a retirement plan and health insurance. Artisans leaders and artisans will be self-employed which will allow them the independence and flexibility necessary for their business, while we also help them to obtain a retirement plan and health insurance through their business and legal status.

Our ambassadors and artisans will become part of a greater vision to sustain the craft of their country and dignify the work they make. Artisans will be able to grow their team and youth ambassadors can become youth leaders as they gain more experience. Indeed, we will offer young people the opportunity to impact positively in their communities and become heroes who can help generate revenue. We provide flexibility in working hours to allow employees with familial duties an opportunity to develop professionally without any additional obstacles.


It is likely that with CFYE support, the project will be better designed, proceed more quickly, or reach more young people than it otherwise would have. Overall, in absence of CFYE support, the initiative would have continued, but at a much slower rate.