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Consultancy: Digital Strategy Expert, Kenya








Employment Type


Closing Date

2 August 2022

This role is suitable for applicants who have experience developing successful digital strategies, have strong business acumen and deep knowledge of the digital marketing industry and its trends.

Project Overview and Role:

The Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) is a 6-year and €114 million programme funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that aims to create a prosperous future for 200,000 young women and men in the Middle East, North Africa, Sahel & West Africa and Horn of Africa regions. The Fund will be supporting initiatives in 23 focus countries that will offer youth, in particular young women, opportunities for work that is demand-driven and productive, offering a stable income and safe working conditions, and that is contributing to their personal development and social protection.
Private sector, civil society and knowledge institutions will be invited to submit proposals geared to scalable solutions for creating more and better jobs and income generating opportunities for youth. Solutions will in particular focus on an integrated approach that addresses the shortcomings on the demand side (jobs) and supply side (skills) and bridging the mismatch between these two in the labour market.

CFYE requires two (2) in-country Digital Strategy Experts in Kenya to work with the Implementing Partners (IP) in the development of digital strategies that increase our implementing partner’s (IP) (the client) engagement with their partners, the wider building and construction ecosystem. The Digital Strategy Specialists will stay current on industry trends, best practices and client’s reporting metrics and KPIs, and has experience planning, executing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns in-house or in an agency setting. The Specialists will be accountable for the development/improvement, updating and management of the client’s digital business platforms, including all apps, websites, social media, mobile based, and online profiles.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 

The purpose of the role is to support, develop and implement digital strategies for our Implementing Partner (IP) working in the construction sector in Kenya. Specifically, the IP is in the green housing construction sub-sector; recycling plant waste materials into insulators to be used in house installation.
The digital strategy experts will develop and implement digital strategies, helping the IP create effective digital experiences that meet their business goals.

Objectives and Activities:

– Conduct an assessment of IPs important facts and insights, IPs current digital performance and identifying key opportunities, current relationship with customers, best practices and synthesis of key internal and external insights and analysis for key recommendations on areas of improvement by the IP.
– Conduct as assessment of IPs digital products and provide targeted recommendations for new existing and new products to build given the IPs current portfolio.
– Develop and execute digital platforms including the program apps, video promotion, mobile and digital campaigns to engage and train the program beneficiaries.
– Plan, execute and maintain an internal calendar for content creation and curation.
– Developing direct digital marketing campaigns that include websites, blogs, mobile apps, social media persuasion, email marketing, and search engine optimization aimed at encouraging use of IPs products.
– Advise client’s staff on how best to utilize the digital medias for business success.
– Actively seek out and help define new creative methods and mediums for telling the client’s, customers and stakeholders stories across all digital platforms.
– Work closely with client’s staff to track and monitor digital platforms learnings and optimize campaigns based on the best-performing strategies and to achieve established KPIs.
– Actively use available information/content by the client to create or develop web content including blogs, articles, case studies, and eBooks, compelling graphic presentations and animations videos to help promote IPs products or services.


– Robust and practical digital strategy with practical implementation steps for the client.
– A set of concrete, actionable plans or recommendations the IP can use immediately or in the near-term to increase their visibility and positioning in the digital (internet, and social media) space, grow their digital base and increase use of their products.
– Final report of at least 5 pages.

Operational Arrangements:

The consultants will report directly to the Country Lead and work closely with the Implementing partners.

Level of Effort and Reporting:

Up to 21 days over a period of 3 months (September – November 2022).

Required Qualifications:

– Work experience in digital strategy development or a related field.
– Bachelor’s degree with experience in digital learning or marketing.
– Expert knowledge of the e-learning, web, social media platform, digital advertising analytics and reporting with the ability to communicate outcomes and insights to non-digital experts.
– Ability to measure and produce regular digital reports to influence the digital strategy and enhance beneficiaries learning.
– Experience with various content management systems and platform such as Drupal, and WordPress.
– Experience with platforms, systems and applications like Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Exact Target, Hootsuite and Meltwater.
– Experience in managing online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords.
– Experience using Google Analytics and analyzing and presenting results.
– Knowledgeable about creative requirements of social media and video platforms.

Core Competencies:  

– Self-motivated and a resourceful learner.
– Ability to work in a collaborative setting on simultaneous projects.
– Ability to work well under pressure and meet or exceed deadlines.
– Experienced with online marketing and marketing concepts will be an advantage.
– Have strong communication skills and a collaborative work ethic.
– Strong interpersonal, communication, and project management skills and ability to interact with internal and external clients.
– Flexibility adjusting to unexpected assignments, difficulties, and deadline.
– Good organizational skills and an ability to prioritize multiple tasks.
– Applicants should be quick learners who enjoy staying up to date with digital trends.

How to Apply:  

Apply on the website by sending a cover letter explaining how you match the role. Attach your CV which should be at most 3 pages long.

Closing Date: 2 August 2022 at 23:59.

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